Hygiene partition 80x70

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Elegant partition made of stable acyl glass

Two solid wooden feet serve as a secure stand. They have a matching slot in which the supplied acrylic glass plate can be inserted. The system thus enables flexible installation, in which you can adjust the distance between the feet and the format of the plate to suit the circumstances. The slot of the wooden feet is chosen so that there is about 2cm between the edge of the plate and the installation area. This enables documents to be passed on, for example.

Partition wall:

- Material: PMMA (acrylic glass) transparent

- Dimensions: 70cm x 80cm, 3mm thickness

- The corners are color-coded for safety, the edges are deburred


- Material: glued wood

- Dimensions: 40cm long, 8cm wide and 6cm high

- The slot is 3mm wide and set in the middle. All edges and surfaces are sanded. To protect the installation area, felt pads are glued to the underside of the feet.